Case Study- 1

Cost Saving solution by converting Metal Fabrication to Casting

As it is know, sheet metal fabrication limits the designer to the relatively small number of alloys that are available as sheets, bolts and filler metal. Also lead times to obtain special sheet or tube alloys or dimensions can be long and expensive. Such designs call for assembling metal sheets by riveting, bolting, soldering, brazing or welding. Therefore, they are often inherently restrictive, complicated and costly, issues that casting can address effectively.

At Sensible Metals, we believe innovation is more than just a trendy word. It means consistently striving to create innovative processes, products and solutions for our customers. As we both manufacture castings and fabricated components, we have advantage to offer our customers with other cost effective production methods available for them. In this case we had opportunity to provide them our new designed casting solution with shorter lead time and reduced cost.


 The new design and process yielded a better, lower cost (as much as 40% reduced piece part costs depending on production volume) part with more alloy flexibility

Unlike sheet metal fabrication techniques, SMI Casting methods combined with our re-engineering and design expertise can:

  • Produce thin walled parts that are not subject to such design compromises and restrictions
  • Be designed to almost any shape and form
  • Be of uniform chemical composition and have no weak joints
  • Be faster to produce
  • Be more cost effective
  • Provide longer service life
  •  Yield higher integrity
  • Be more aesthetically pleasing

You can trust SMI to approach your project with one goal in mind: Helping you get the highest part performance possible at the lowest cost possible when you need it.