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Technical Capabilities


• Engineering, CAD, Solidworks

• Rapid prototyping

• Tooling design and production

• Casting of parts from Fraction of an ounce to 110 lbs, and from 0.30" to 32"

• Daily casting capacity:8000 lbs in steel, 2000 lbs in aluminum

• Tolerances according to VDG P690 D1-D2 & A1-A2

• In-house heat treatment for steel and aluminum parts

• Inspection equipment, CMM, profile projector, reverse engineering

• Spectrometer, hardness tester, microscope and tensile test equipment

• Non-destructive tests Level II (FPI, MPI), X-Ray

• Capable of delivering finished products  with our Value added Services which includes

heat treatment, coating, welding, machining and assembly.